Free, unlimited, unrestricted access to data about every company in the UK*

* soon to be The World — see our roadmap

The data

23m data points on 4.8m UK companies (and counting)

We've gathered open public data about every company in the UK and provide unlimited, unrestricted, free access for everyone, forever.

4.8m Company names
3.1m Telephone numbers
2.7m Facebook profiles
2.6m Company slogans
2m Twitter handles
1.8m Addresses
1.6m Instagram profiles
1.2m Company logos
1.1m LinkedIn pages
726k YouTube channels
436k UK company numbers
163k Pinterest boards
159k UK VAT numbers
53k UK FCA numbers
23m Data Points

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What is NUM?

A new way to store and retrieve data

NUM is like the Web but for machines. Websites are built for browsing but are an inefficient way to find precise pieces of data like a telephone number, address and more. NUM makes useful data machine-readable so it can be built into devices, apps and services to make your life easier.

NUM is built on top of the Domain Name System (DNS) – a system we all use every day. Watch the 90-second explainer to find out more.


Thousands of customer service phone numbers for some of the largest companies in the UK & US, organised in a simple searchable list.

For Businesses

Take control of your data

You shouldn't be at the mercy of the gatekeepers of the web to provide useful information to your customers. NUM is a single, authoritative, open repository for all of your company data. Publish your data using NUM and take control.

For Developers

Break out of API shackles

Forget rate limits, restricted use licensing and everything that holds you back. NUM levels the playing field, giving everyone – giants and independent developers – equal access to data. It's free, unlimited and unrestricted forever.