Take control of your data

You shouldn't be at the mercy of the gatekeepers of the web to provide useful information to your customers.

What is NUM?

NUM is a single, authoritative, open repository for all of your company data. It's a standard like the web or email. Any company can adopt NUM using their company domain name, just like the web or email.

How do I setup NUM?

There are two ways to set up NUM — one is really technical and involves the DNS settings of your domain name. The other involves a free, simple, user-friendly service.

For technical experts

To learn more about the protocol and tools to create and manage NUM data in your own DNS click here.

For the rest of us

There's a simple way to adopt NUM, it's called the NUM Server. It's like webhosting but for NUM. It takes just a few minutes to prove you have authority to add or update NUM data for a company domain name.

To add or update company data, enter the domain name below and we'll take you to the NUM Server where you can claim your domain name.