Break out of API shackles

No more rate limits, build whatever you want with our open data

Freedom to build what you want

Unlimited, unrestricted and free for everyone forever

Forget rate limits, restricted use licensing and everything that holds you back. NUM levels the playing field, giving everyone – giants and independent developers – equal access to data.

The data

23m data points on 4.8m UK companies (and counting)

We've gathered open public data about every company in the UK and provide unlimited, unrestricted, free access for everyone, forever.

4.8m Company names
3.1m Telephone numbers
2.7m Facebook profiles
2.6m Company slogans
2m Twitter handles
1.8m Addresses
1.6m Instagram profiles
1.2m Company logos
1.1m LinkedIn pages
726k YouTube channels
436k UK company numbers
163k Pinterest boards
159k UK VAT numbers
53k UK FCA numbers
23m Data Points


Designed for your use case

Contact information, logo data, registrant and regulatory data – we're just getting started. NUM is a protocol for data storage and retrieval, it can be used for anything and modules can be proposed by anyone.

Module list

  1. Contacts
  2. Registrant
  3. Images
  4. Custodians
  5. Register
  6. Payments
  7. Public Key
  8. Intellectual Property
  9. Terms
  10. Bugs

Go for it

Fetch company data now

Use the NUM client or company-api to fetch data using NUM:

num-client lookup

Fetch a specific piece of data using our num-client library.

Example queries:

company-api lookup

Fetch all contact and images for a domain in one query using our company-api library.

Example queries:

For more information on how NUM works, see NUM Protocol

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